4 Major Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Websites have become an integral part of every business; they play a critical role in maintaining a strong online presence. In the modern day world, having a professional website is important as it will help you achieve the set goals and objectives for company growth. This is why at times you might need to redesign your website to ensure that the set objectives are reached. What confuses many people is when to redesign the website. The objective of this article is to explore the four major scenarios that indicate that a website needs redesigning.

1. Performance reasons (slow website)

Performance is an important factor to consider when answering the questing should I redesign my website? Users hate slow websites and will avoid a website if it’s slow. Advancement of web technologies has made easier to develop super fast websites that, if a website is taking too long to load this might be an indication that the website needs redesigning. The speed of the website should be analyzed from the different devices that are mobile, tablet and desktop. Web pages should be fast across all devices; the speed should be optimized for both desktop and mobile for excellent user experience regardless of the device the user is using.

2. If the site is not responsive

The traffic coming from mobile devices has already exceeded that coming from desktops; this is an indication that many users will visit the web using their mobile devices. If a website does not display well on mobile devices, it is an indication that it needs redesigning to give the users a nice and consistent experience across multiple devices. Responsive websites will ensure that all the users coming to the website have an easy time interacting with the website. Apart from a nice and consistent user experience, the responsiveness of the website affects the search engine rankings (SEO). Responsive websites have an advantage over sites that are not responsive and they will rank better. Therefore, it is imperative to redesign a website and make it responsive.

3. If the website looks outdated

Today web technologies allow for the creating of beautiful, elegant websites. Different design philosophies and technologies like material design and flat user interface designs allow web designers to design beautiful and professional websites that give a good first impression to the audience.

4. If changes are made to the brand

Websites help build a strong brand online that ensure a strong online presence. If there have been changes to brand color and other elements like logo, it is ideal to do website redesign to ensure that the brand communication is consistent and effective.

Comprehensive analysis of the above factors will help you in answering the question, “should I redesign my website?” Failing to implement an attractive functional design will impede the attainment of your company objectives. Many web design and SEO companies in NC and beyond offer to help business owners keep up with current website design requirements. It is imperative to ensure that the website conforms with the modern web technologies and offers an excellent user experience.